Cookie Policy

This page gives you some explanations about cookie files and how they are used by TPG website plus some information for users.

What are cookies?


Cookie files are used to compute automatic authentication, to track web sessions and to store information about users that surf the website.

So, they are files that are saved  on your PC and contain navigation information.

These files are classified as:

  • technical cookie: they contain information to give a better navigation experience to users (an example is given by cookie files that manage authentication or website search)
  • analytical cookie: they gather anonymous information about traffic and usage of the website. They do not identify users
  • cookie di profilazione: these are used to collect preferences of users. They may not be anonymous.

Does TPG website use cookie files?

Yes, to give to users a better navigation experience.

Which kind of cookies are used?

TPG website only uses technical cookies.

Can cookies be disabled?

Yes, even if your navigation may be unsatisfactory in this way..

Here some links are available to learn how to disable cookies for the most used browsers. Sorry for the links, but they are in italian. Anyway, trust us: TPG only uses technical cookie files 🙂