Closed cycles

In the context of the European project H2020 PUMPHEAT ( the University of Genoa, as Thermochemical Power Group (TPG), beyond being the project coordinator, is the partner responsible for the development of one of the two main demo sites of the project. The aim of the project is to enhance the flexibility of the combined cycles by integrating them with key component as heat pump and thermal energy storage

In this context a cyber-physical combined cycle system (CCGT) has been realized: the top cycle is represented by a physical 100 kW microturbine (Turbec T100) while the bottom cycle is simulated. the system has been integrated with an innovative 10 kWel heat pump (HP) ad a thermal energy storage (TES) able to store around 100 kWh of cold energy thanks to a dedicated phase change material (PCM). The plant, thanks to a flexible HTF hydraulic circuit, let to operate 9 different configurations, allowing to operate dedicated experimental campaign to investigate both the behaviour of the overall system and the performances of the single components, thanks to dedicated characterization campaign (both for the innovative heat pump – that is equipped with a bladeless turboexpander able to significantly enhance its performance – and for the thermal energy storage).

The main components of the plant are:

  • mGT – 100 kWel micro gas turbine (Turbec T100);
  • HP – 10 kWel Heat Pump, that can be operate with normal expansion valve or a bladeless expander able to enhance the performance of the machine;
  • TES – 100 kWh of thermal energy storage, composed by a shell&tube heat exchanger where a dedicated phase change material is stored in the shell side.