H2FC laboratory

The Hydrogen Laboratory (H2FC) is a space dedicated to the test of the hydrogen technologies, designed to respond to the safety rules for hazard zones using gasses thanks to the presence of a double Air Ventilation System, an APU electric supply and hydrogen sensor. The H2FC lab is equipped with two direct lines from the gas storage with dedicated pressure reducer able to work with pressure up to 30 bars. The lines are used to supply pure Hydrogen and Nitrogen and are supported by an Air Take in from the 10 bars compressor, able to supply high purified air together with a Water Cooling Take in connected to a fan chiller with of 120 kW power. The H2FC lab has been designed to tests various hydrogen based systems but fuel cell in particular, also because it has been prepared by the University Spinoff H2Boat to tests its prototypes, made of PEM fuel cells, Electrolysers and Metal Hydride Hydrogen storage systems. The H2FC lab is also equipped with other training PEM fuel cells (Ballard Nexa 1200W, Nuvera Power Flow 5000 W) as well as with methanol fuel cell systems.