Renewable resources

Most of TPG’s efforts in the renewable energy field are concerned with the efficient exploitation of renewable resources, such as forest biomass and bio-fuels, for the combined generation of heat and power. We are expert in:

Analysis of the territory (screening) and investigation of the available renewable resources and their potential for energy production;

Formulation of proper guide lines for the best utilization of local renewable resources;

Use of bio-fuel or pseudo-bio-fuel for heat and electricity generation for domestic, civil and industrial utilities;

Assessment and design study of innovative technologies (biomass gasification, externally fired gas turbine, etc.)

Development of software for optimal plant management

Monitoring and management of plants operating with renewable resources (pollution emission control and monitoring, optimal operating strategy, fuel supply, etc.).

TPG engineers can exploit the experience gained in designing, building and operating biomass and bioDiesel-fueled plants for renewable distributed power and heat generation in various regional projects.