Rivarolo Massimo

Assistant Professor

Massimo Rivarolo was born in Genoa in 1985. He obtained the European PhD in 2013 defending his thesis “Hydrogen production from large size hydraulic plant (14,000 MW) and study of storage systems and sustainable utilization in South America and Europe”. His main fields of expertise are hydrogen generation, storage and utilization systems and the thermo-economic analysis of innovative energy systems, including power to fuels (hydro-methane and methanol synthesis). He is also responsible of W-ECoMP software for thermoeconomic time-dependent analysis of energy systems. He has actively worked in four European research Projects. From 2015 to 2018, he participated actively in research activities in the framework of the collaboration between DIME-UNIGE and Italian Regulatory Energy Authority (ARERA), obtaining strong expertise on electrical energy market, generated distribution and forms of incentives for renewable energy sources. At present, he collaborates actively in two national research projects on Hydrogen and Fuel Cells utilization for maritime application. He is also actively involved in the coordination activities UNESCO-Unitwin Chair “Innovative sustainable clean energy research & education”, coordinated by UNIGE. Since 2022, he is scientific responsible of the H-2020 EU Project OnePlanet.

He is author of 40 scientific publications (Scopus), 25 on International Journals.

Since March 2019, he is Assistant Professor in the ING/IND-09 field (Systems for the Energy and the Environment).

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