Sreenath Purushothaman

PhD student

Sreenath was born in Kerala, India in 1992. He obtained his Bachelors degree in Mechanical Engineering from University of Kerala, India in 2014 and his Masters degree in Aerospace Engineering with specialization in Aircraft Propulsion from Jain University, India in 2017. His Masters degree thesis was on the topic “Studies on Flow Instabilities due to Simulated Supercritical Rayleigh Heat Addition in an Afterburner”, and was done in collaboration with CSIR – National Aerospace Laboratories, India. In 2018, he joined the Centre for Airborne Systems, DRDO, India as a Research fellow in Mechanical & Aerodynamics division. He has worked on several projects involving ergonomic design & structural analysis of aircraft components, and CFD studies on wide body aircrafts for aerodynamics and ice accretion. In September 2021, he joined DIME, University of Genova, Italy, as a Marie Curie Early Stage Researcher under the INSPIRE Project

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